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HD Borescope inspections

Jackson Electronics uses the world’s first ruggedly portable, HD and 3D measurement enabled video borescope system.

With TrueSight™, Mentor Visual iQ delivers HD visuals, a high-intensity light source, and superior visual processing, for clearer, sharper videos and still images right on the device.

These images would have otherwise required multiple tip changes and significantly more time. The image quality allows for accurate measurement from increased distances, too - increasing potential measurement surface area, POD, and reducing noise in the fully surfaced Point Cloud.

The brighter remote touchscreen controller and improved viewing angle range helps detect even the smallest hidden faults.
With 3D measurement we can undertake a range of different measurement - length, depth, point to line, area, area depth profile, multi-segment, depth profile and measurement plane

3.9mm probe.jpg

It's not all about the size of your probe...

Meet our smallest probe at 3.9mm diameter but with an impressive reach of 3m.

Mentor iQ with probe.jpg

It's sometimes about how you use it...

Using the flexibility and articulation of the head of the guide tube along with the articulation of the head of the probe itself, we are able to get the probes to travel further around corners!

However, it pays to have a really long one...

Meet our longest probe with an impressive 18m reach but still with only 10mm diameter! 

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