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Our new HD video probes are measurement capable

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  • Simple measurement of features or components

  • Length of cracking

  • Component size migration through expansion or erosion/corrosion, wear

  • Remaining size of wear indicators

  • Location/zone of indications on a part

  • Turbine blade edge damage

  • Gap width

  • Weld width

  • Missing blade corners

  • Blade tip to shroud gaps

  • Pits or dents from corrosion, erosion or FOD (Foreign Object Damage) 

  • Pipe inside diameter

  • Weld height

  • Stator vane rock

  • Gap width

  • Corrosion, erosion, pitting

  • FOD impact damage

  • Maximum weld height

  • Maximum wear groove depth

  • Blade corners

  • Coating loss

  • Surface area of pitting or corrosion

  • Area of FOD impact

  • Total travel path of crack

  • Blade edge blending or indication entry angle

  • More accurate than a length measurement on curved or irregular surfaces



  • Depth of isolated corrosion or erosion pits

  • Depth of FOD impact damage

  • Weld height or wear groove depth

  • Quick assessment of surface contours



  • With Area for missing corners

  • With Point to Line for blade edge damage

  • With Depth for blade tip to shroud gaps

  • With Length or Point to Line for small features

  • With Area Depth Profile when measuring in a field of pits 



Point to Line



Area Depth Profile

Depth Profile

Measurement Plane

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